Thursday, 28 February 2013

SFU Renaissance Butter Chicken

 So, I had some Butta Chicken~ Yup. I was actually expecting some greens on the side, but nope, guess not. I actually don't prefer them to put the greens in at all. They did put some greens the other time I had it, but honestly, it's was just a few pieces of lettuce thrown in.

Price: approx 6.50 (after tax)

Overall, it was pretty good. The rice was a bit dry, but good thing there's plenty of sauce. They don't always give you a lot of sauce, try you luck I guess. There's some pieces of chicken, and again, try your luck. I got quite a few this time, but last time I had less. It's not spicy at all. I can't eat spicy food, but this wasn't spicy at all, so it was good.

 Rating: 3/5
Comment: Highly recommend to mix the rice and sauce before eating. Worth trying. Located by Saywell Hall. Line ups may be long during certain times.

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